Rainy day eco cherubs

So you’ve been stuck inside for a day! Gone are the days when rain simply meant the garden was getting a good water and you could snuggle up with a book! I’ve had to be creative with my little 19 month old who has boundless amounts of energy and a short attention span.

So here are some simple eco Sydney ideas for house & apartment so you can avoid getting in the car, indoor play centres and TV.

1. Build a cubby house using the lounge cushions and a sheet.

2. Make your own Muesli bars and pikelets ( sugar free recipes to follow). Give your child some flour and water in a bowl to help you mix.

3. Make your own playdough (again recipe to follow) and use different kitchen utensils to create playdough creatures.

4. Wash  up! Give your child some utensils,a small bucket and washer to clean a few things!

5. If your brave try water painting within an area like the kitchen or bathroom so mess can be cleaned easily.

6. Collect water in different containers to see how much it rains.

7. Jump in some puddles then dry off with a towel.

8. Read books in a special corner and sing songs together.

9. Learn origami and,create some hats!

10.  Keep old egg cartons and toilet rolls for craft activities. I will dedicate a post to this.

Enjoy the next rainy day and,share some more simple, eco Sydney ideas.



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