Borax – not so green.

At first I asked What is it? Why should I use it? What does it replace?

BUT I am now quite confused….is it eco? I have hit quite a few sites that tell of Borax being harmful to those who inhale and that It can be used as a pesticide so why use it to clean things?

This harmful – ness has popped up on many websites now so I am reluctant to use it. Would love to know more before I start to place it in my house.

Just google – borax safe or borax eco.

I have read that it is a poison, acts as a fungicide and shouldn’t be used on any surface that a person or food comes in contact with – but is that the same for all chemicals we spray around the house?

Is Borax a safer chemical than the spray and wipe?

For now using Borax is not on my eco do to list.




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