Why Vinegar I asked? Why is Vinegar so Eco friendly AND a good cleaning agent?

Why & How I am going to use vinegar:

 – It’s natural

– minimal fumes

– Kills mould & bacteria (great for bathrooms as the chemical alternatives stink)

– Great for use as a softener in the laundry (add half a cup)

– Spray around areas where ants are entering your house – they hate strong fumes.

– Use to un clog drains (when combined with bicarb soda)

– Can be used on plants to get rid of any fungus growth or bugs (but be wary that some plants will die if too much vinegar is used – dilute if necessary)

 – Added with bi carb soda it can act as a bleaching agent for chopping boards and other tough to move stains.

But then I found this fabulous site:

Which basically tells readers that although Vinegar is a good alternative to other chemicals the way it is produced is not so eco friendly.


From what I have read on her blog (and then double checking on others) is to check how the vinegar has been made – esp checking for numbers(no E260), origin and ingredients.

So here I go, this week’s challenge is to see how my vinegar cleaning goes and to start researching the other natural products I have bought.

Eco Sydney is in progress!


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