New years resolutions!

Living eco in the burbs has its challenges.

These are the challenges I will overcome (with a little blogging on the side)

1. Chemical free our house

2. Reduce our food miles

3. Limit the amount of plastic we have in toys and containers.

4. Less food wastage.

5. Limit use of electricity on heating and cooling. (or perhaps look into using gas or solar)

6. Promote the wonderfulness of cloth nappies!

7. Purchase less ‘things’

8. Food shopping with limited packaging – more home cooking!

9. Using the car less, walking more, cycling more or just enjoying at least one home/local day a week.

10. Discovering and using more eco friendly products that are Australian made and owned.

Well that’s ten…I am sure there are more I can add to that list as time goes on.

I am going to tackle all ten at the same time and hopefully make small changes on each one as I go along.

Good luck to me!


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